Friends and family, we put another year behind us and now we look forward to a bright start and a fresh beginning where we all have 365 days to get it right and sell some soap. Truth be told, most soap makers started thinking of this New Year months ago. We all tend to think in seasons and holidays and in colors and patterns to match. We still think all those 365 days too, it’s just off set for us by about 4 -6 weeks or as long as it takes for a batch of soap to cure.

But all of us realize that we need to keep certain fragrances in stock. The ones that sell year round. It’s easy to fill Valentine’s Day with chocolate and roses but how about the rest of the month or the rest of the days in the year. What should you invest in? What are the coming trends and how can you stretch your fragrance dollar?

At Fragrance Laboratory we strive to bring you the emerging trends of fragrance because we know you want to be out in front offering your clients the most sought after scents of 2015. We will always carry the tried and true, like Tassi Lavender and Oatmeal Milk & Honey.

Let’s take a look at what “NEW” scents we will be looking for in 2015. Who knows, there may even be a spoiler or two in here for the months ahead.


Fresh Fruit – Ripe and slightly tart fruits like rhubarb, nectarines, and fresh strawberries. A grown up fresh note, free from sweet. A return to a healthy, on-the-go lifestyle. Easy to wear blends with a focus on true fresh fruit notes. Soft, floral, soothing, and with a subtle green sharpness.

Fragrance Laboratory has always offered the best Sweet Pea & Rhubarb, but we are currently testing a wider variety of fresh fruit scents. Testing is being done for a juicy nectarine, fresh strawberries, and a natural peach. The kind of scents that makes your mouth water when you smell them. We are just being picky. No sweet sugar scent, just the scent of just picked fresh fruit.

Stay tuned, coming soon!

Mint – A feminine take on refreshing mint notes. Cooling green with a hint of earthy spice. Leave the cucumber at home and focus on the crushed green leaves walked upon with fresh earth and morning dew wafting up to greet your new day.

Tea and Dirt

Tea – A renewed focus of tea delivering a timeless and ceremonial appreciation of the different tea aromas. Emphasis on the fresh aspects and aromatic character of each type of tea. Free from heat, sugars, and fast-paced life. An art reborn. Uninhibited, natural and pure; embracing the healthy lifestyle we are endeavoring to achieve.

Fragrance Laboratory is stepping up on this one with a bright new offering of a beautiful Green Tea. It is currently being offered at cost and is sure to be a hit with everyone that experiences this wonderful blend. Sale end’s Tuesday, January 12th.

Botanical – Look for rose to make an appearance again; some history is just too important to ignore. For those inspired by nature, vintage but sophisticated florals, combined with fresh green notes that portray an elegant but carefree character will be the staple for botanical florals.  Gone will be the powdery notes of your ancestors’ day. Gone will be the day of the florists’ shop heady and strong; enter in the joyful spirit of clean, fresh rose. This will be one fragrance that will carry the whole year through. Rose has earned its spot, given up her thorns, and bloomed into a beautiful and timeless adornment. Look at Fragrance Laboratory’s White Rose & Bergamot to fill this need – bright, sunny, sophisticated rose at its finest.

Botanical beyond rose will capture the scents of spring, wisteria flowers on the vine, tiny fragrant buds laying a carpet of color and scent along our path. The soft ozone notes of a clean breeze dipping and lifting the earthy fern and soft dew to breathe out the awakening of a new day in scent.

World Traveler – will reach to capture distant places of mystery and adventure. Bold, vibrant and raw with tribal accents and historical anthropology; sultry and heady with woods, spice, and earthy notes capturing the mystery of distant and faraway places. Stepping out of comfort, looking to the future, empowering and bold. This will be another trend that will continue to the years end and will break inclinations of day and evening wear.

Mineral Salt Spa

Oceanography – Fluid and movement, fresh sea breezes, salty waves, cool ozone, driftwood, tumbled rocks and sea moss, ageless, timeless and sculptured by nature in all her glory. This will be an escape, break-away scent for the spring and summer season. Inviting in the warm sun, carefree days, and walks on a hallowed beach with only the sounds of crashing waves and forlorn seagulls crying out for company. Can we say Mineral Salt Spa, try it and let the waves or should we say raves wash over your unique soap creations.

Structural Modern Design – Intrepid but precise, steel and ice, reflecting on the power and influence of the 21st century. This manly scent will be built upon the foundation and strength of amber, wrapped in a reflective combination of sheer musk and announced with the power of sensual dry spices. This scent will be business, raw and powerful, a daring architecture of the future.

OK, spoiler alert… we have left the men out of this fragrance joy for too long now so this will be the year for the men! Current testing has us looking at some unique scents, some like the description above are modern, structural and hipster. Others are sporty and energetic, some resonate with hard work and a no-nonsense attitude. Look to fall for our new men’s scents and put a smile on your man’s face.

Notes to look for in the fall:

Oud or Agarwood – Rich, musty, and woody… a search for a different wood note that takes the trend away from the cedars, sandalwoods and oaks. Oud is mysterious, deep and conflicted, with a sultry Asian influence of jungle and woodlands blended together.

Leather – will play into both masculine and feminine fragrances providing smoothness, warmth, and prowling animal quality that tips to the wild side of adventure.

Choosing scents are difficult and it is made all the more difficult by interesting if not obscure descriptions and variations from different vendors. From a vendor point of view it is important to entice your buyer by offering unique scents that work and last; offering you a premium selection of new and current scents is one way Fragrance Laboratory meets that need. We offer sniffy samples of all our stock and encourage you to select samples that fit your fragrance needs. We keep up with fragrance trends, offer the newest and phthalate-free fragrances around. All fragrances are pure and fresh and fully tested before we offer them to you, our most important asset.

We know you have many choices for your fragrance selection, and we thank you for choosing us to bring you the best fragrance oils offered today.

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